Free Schick Hydro Razor
  I love my FREEBIES!  All you have to do is call the number and they will send you your FREE Schick Razor in 6-8 weeks.  It is only 1 per household but they have lots available. You might get a busy signal for the first couple of tries but I got through right away. This offer has been around for a while now and I don't know when it will end.
Call 1-866-755-9995 to order yours!

There are so many places that will give you Freebies for your birthday.  Most of them you just have to sign up to their mailing lists and they will send you a coupon either by email or mail and the coupons are good for more than just your birthday!  Here are a few of my favorite Freebies just click on the names to go sign up!

  • Dairy Queen- Sign up for their fan club and you not only get a FREE blizzard for your birthday but you will get 5 others throughout the year as well.
  • Dennys- Sign up and get a FREE Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday.
  • Sephora- Get a FREE gift for your birthday when you sign up for their free rewards card
  • Starbucks- Get a FREE beverage from Starbucks for your birthday when you register for their rewards card
  • Baskin Robbins- Sing up for their email and get a FREE ice cream for your birthday
  • Old Navy- Sign up for Old Navy's emails and get a coupon for your birthday 
  • Boston Pizza- Sign up for their email and get a FREE pasta or dessert
  • Orange Julius- Sign up for their club and get a FREE smoothie or fruit drink
  • Joey's Only- Sign up for their email and get a FREE coupon for your birthday
  • Jack Astors- sign up for their email and get a FREE dessert for your birthday
  • Montanas- Mention your birthday and get a FREE dessert
  • The Keg- Mention it's your birthday and get a FREE dessert
  • Milestones- Sign up and get a FREE birthday coupon
If you know of any other Birthday Freebies let me know!


 FREE 2 Year Subscription!!

Nov 18, 2011
I have two little boys and they are going to love this!!!!  A FREE 2 year magazine subscription to Lego!  All you have to do is click on the link and scroll down to the left hand side.  Click on free Magazine subscription and fill out your info and you will get your first magazine after about 6-8weeks. So simple and I love Freebies!!!!!!


FREE Leap Frog Book!!

Nov 18, 2011
My oldest son recently turned 2 years old and we bought him a Leap Frog Tag Junior for his birthday with a few books.  I absolutely love this reading system!!!  It allows kids to read books with someone or alone and hear the words.  The easy to grip pen for toddlers is also good for motor skills.  We got it on sale for around $29.00 (reg $39.00) and got the books for half price!  The books are normally $12.00 each but there are sales often and they are worth every penny!  I recently found a link that will give you a FREE tag book!

Just follow the steps and you will get a FREE one hopefully in time for Christmas! This is a great Christmas gift if you have a toddler!