Saturday, 29 October 2011

Shoppers Drugmart Deals for Bonus Redemption

I headed out to Shoppers Drug Mart early this morning before the boys woke up to take advantage of the Bonus Redemption Days I had posted about earlier.  I had no issues using any of my coupons and made off with some really good deals. Check out some my the deals I got!

6x Boxes of baby food on SALE @ $3.33 each= $19.98 (Saved =$7.36)
3x Unsalted Butter on SALE @ 2.99 each= $8.97 (Saved= $1.48)
4x Lays Chips on SALE @ $1.99 each= $7.96 (Saved=$4.00)
3x Kraft Peanut Butter on SALE @ $2.49 each=$7.47 (Saved=$3.00)
4x Life Brand Kleenex on SALE @ $0.59 each= $2.36 (Saved=$1.60)
2x Scott Paper Towels on SALE @ $4.99 each= $9.98 -2x $2.00 coupons=$5.98 (Saved=$8.98)
3x Cascade Action Pacs on SALE @ $4.99 each=$14.97 -3x $1.50 coupons=$10.47 (Saved=$11.00)
1x Mr Noodles Case on SALE @ $2.99 each= $2.99 (saved =aprox $2.50)
8x Nature Valley bars on SALE @ $1.99 each=$15.92 -8x$1.00 coupons= $7.92 (Saved=$19.92)
2x Catelli Pasta on SALE @ $2.00 each=$4.00 -1x$1.00 coupon= $3.00 (Saved= 4.00)
1x Milk @ $5.49
2x Chow Mein @$1.59 each=$3.18
4x Cheese @$7.99 each=$31.96

Tax @ $2.36

Total = $119.67 - $100.00 Bonus Redemption =$19.67

Total Paid = $19.67
Total Saved = $163.04!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got a coupon for a free Oasis juice on each of the Nature Valley Bar boxes (worth about $16.00 total) and I got bonus points for the Scott paper towels.

SDM  regular points for visit= 310
SDM bnus product points for visit=2000 (paper towelsx 1000 points each)
SDM points earn on the $19.67 purchase was  2310 (that is the equivalent of me spending $230.00!!)


  1. Where are the nature valley coupons from? Great post :-)

  2. Wow!!! Amazing!!! Awesome deals!!! :)

    Heather - I believe they are from Websaver.

  3. It was some awesome deals!
    Heather- Yes I got them from Websaver!

  4. holy cow ! That is amazing actually...Im impressed. :D

  5. Do you know of any retailers that take competitors coupons.

  6. Chelsea- Walmart and Sobeys both take competitors coupons but you will have to read their coupon policies to read about any restrictions. I am going to try to have those policies up ASAP for you to print off!