Thursday, 20 October 2011

The start of my new blog!

I have been following a number of Blogs about organizing and living a frugal lifestyle for a while now and have had to look at numerous ones a day to find all I needed.  I decided to write my own and put all of the ideas in the same place.

I am a mother of 2 small children and I am always looking for ways to organize my life whether it be  in the literal terms of organizing different spaces in my house, or organizing our family finances and finding better ways to save money.  As I started looking I found so many ways to organize and save money doing it by using coupons or other ways.  This is not only a positive thing to do for my family but I also have a passion for it!

Many people have asked me questions on couponing, crafty ideas, finances, and organization so this is my way of letting everyone who wants to know how to do it all and how easy these things are.

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  1. Hey Krista !!

    Welcome to the blogosphere !! looking forward to following your blog... I just recently started an Aromatherapy Blog -

    All the best !!