Monday, 5 December 2011

Giving over the Holidays

Over the weekend I took advantage of Bonus Redemptions days at Shoppers Drug Mart to make my stockpile even bigger for my family.  We are stocked up on everything from laundry detergent and cleaning supplies, to soups, pastas and baby food for a very long time.  As you know I think it is a great ideas to stockpile to save your family money but I also think that you can have too much. 

Couponers often have the stereotype that they "hoard" which is totally not the case.  I buy only what I will use just in mass quantities because in the long run it will save my family money.  I also get things for friends and family and I like to get things that I know I can donate.  We are lucky enough to have a big stockpile and we will be donating lots of those items this year to people in need.

There are many shelters, and programs around the city that could use donations this time of year.  I know you can also sponsor a family in your city. (a lot of work places do this as a whole because it is expensive to do on your own.)  We are planning on donating can goods, toiletries, packaged goods and any non-perishable food items to those in need.  I figure we have so much and are so fortunate that it would be a shame not to give back.

If you have been looking at your stockpile and realize you have a lot, think about donating some items this season to someone who needs it now. You can always coupon to get more when you need it and it's a great gift to someone who is less fortunate!

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

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